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Chain link fences continually persist as some of the most common and versatile types of exterior barriers. In Line Fencing has experience installing aluminum and chain link fencing in various locations: everything from playgrounds and school yards to swimming pools and animal kennels. They are an economic, reliable choice that can serve both residential and commercial purposes.


If you’ve ever been to a school or playground, you will perhaps be familiar with the concept of chain link fences being used for security reasons. In Line Fencing has implemented this form of fencing with this very motivation in mind, but they’ve also adapted for use of containment in kennels, swimming pools, and other situations where areas need to stay sheltered and secure.

High-Quality Aluminum and Chain Links

Despite the slight appearance of chain-link fences, these enclosures must be able to withstand fierce weather conditions. In Line Fencing uses the best possible chain links and aluminum for all our available fences. We have set an existent standard of excellence not only for our materials used, but for each and every service that we offer.

Chain Link fencing

Multiple Design Options

When you give thought to the appearance of a chain-link fence, you likely imagine only a couple of types that you have become generally accustomed to. In Line Fencing has several accessible alternatives, including options like galvanized steel, black vinyl coating, and fences with heavy frame work and fabric. They also come in a fair amount of sizes, ranging from as short as a few feet to lengthier than a dozen.

Experienced Installation Experts

Our experience speaks for itself: throughout the many chain-link fence projects we’ve completed over the years, we have always put an emphasis on delivering the best results. Our team is dedicated to ensuring the safety, security, and privacy of both residential and commercial clients and properties, and we consistently work to satisfy these very goals.

Excellent Customer Service

If there is anything that we take as earnestly as our materials used and expertise employed for each project, it is the high level of customer service that every In Line Fencing employee delivers. Whether we’re installing a deck for your home, or chain-link – and any other type of – fencing, you will receive top-notch service for the entire length of your project. Our team will even assist you after the job is finished in attending to any follow-up questions or requests.

Repair and Restoration

Although our team is generally known for installation abilities, In Line Fencing also provides excellent repair and restoration services for aluminum and chain-link fencing. Chain-link fences are made to last a long time and are quite durable even when put to the test by various climatic and environmental conditions. However, there are situations wherein damage can occur, and upon these instances, our team will evaluate any damage and explain in detail how to either repair or restore the fencing in question.

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Chain link fences are not only versatile, but are inherently an economic choice, too. To learn more about how the experts at In Line Servicing can install, repair, or restore an aluminum or chain link fence on your property, give us a call at (813) 382-1510 to schedule a no-cost consultation.

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